Our CIO As A Service

Our CIOs drive change or hold the status quo while the organization searches for a new CIO.

Interm CIO

Our experienced CIOaaS are both business leaders and technologists. They work closely with your organization's leaders and executives to define the overall business strategy and select technology solutions that will help the business achieve its goals and succeed. Our interim CIO gives your company all the benefits of a strategic IT leader but on a part-time basis.

Turnaround CIO

Our agile CIOaaS have deep IT experience, the ability to rebuild organizations, know how to prioritize business needs and IT projects. They can recognize inefficient business and IT processes. They can quickly assess a chaotic and challenging situation, ascertain and prioritize the business needs, refocus the team members, and start building successes rapidly.

Merger and Aquisition Planning CIO

Our CIOaaS are much more about people, processes, and culture than it is about technology. As IT plays an increasingly pivotal role in defining and driving business goals, our CIOs play an equally important part in any merger or acquisition activity, from the early stages of a deal through completion and integration of the IT Systems.


Who We Are

SMARTech CIO is a group of seasoned CIOs experienced in enterprise business technology with unparalleled knowledge and expertise in business strategy, innovation, and leadership. Our clients gain critical insights into the digital transformation of their businesses.

Interm CIO
Turnaround CIO
Merger and Aquisition Planning CIO
Outsourced CIO
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"SMARTech CIO has been greatful from conception to execution. Of course, there were some bumps along the way, but that is to be expected with technology. I am impressed at how well they understood our company's concept and was able to manage the transition and communicate effectively to maintain transparency with the team."

preet munsor
Preet Munsor
Corporate Digital Manager

"SMARTech CIO's IT team were great to work with throughout the turnaround process. They were very flexible and worked with the different departments from my company to help fix the projects that needed scope management and budget containment."

omar jackson
Omar Jackson

"SMARTech CIO gave us the flexibility to demonstrate correct technology as well as the ability to demonstrate the business value. The platform fo the technology is very flexible and is allowing us to develop our products in a better, smarter, faster, and more efficient way."

brandon johnson
Bandon Johnson
CEO First Security

Meet Our Team

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